G’day, I’m Adam

Family man.

Beach bum.

Happy to be alive.

Always looking to help others live an authentic, meaningful life.


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About Me

I’m a family man

I am happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Together, we are raising two amazing, young children. We live in a rather eclectic beach shack on The Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

I’m creative

I love music (especially jazz), playing guitar (albeit not often enough), writing (oh how I love to pen some savvy prose), and generally appreciating the beauty of all things artistic.

I’m still learning

I’m busy learning more and more about how our minds work, and how we can get ourselves unstuck, and live authentic and meaningful lives.

Previously, I have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Based Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I am currently studying Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

And I’m soon to get started in further Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy study.

I dig a little decadence

Fine wine, single origin coffee, single malt whiskey, mmm mmm yes please.

I love sharing great food and drink and experiences with my friends and family.

What else is there but the relationships we build?

I’m a believer

I believe we each have the power to unlock our true potential and achieve greatness.

In my own life I seek simplicity, and aim to find contentment in every moment.


Contact Me

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My home

I live just south of Noosa, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.