Get more out of life – a list

Most people you know, and I know do not have to concern themselves with the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We’ve ticked off physiological needs like food and water. We’ve got safety covered off with shelter, law and order, and protection from wild animals. Most have social needs like relationships, love, family and friendship worked out as well as they can. It’s the areas of esteem and self-actualisation that are left for the majority to conquer.

Maslow’s esteem needs include mastery, respect and independence. The self-actualisation needs are related to personal growth, peak experiences and realising our full potential.

Given that we are lucky enough not to have to worry about getting eaten by lions, or sold as slaves, or starving to death we can focus on getting more out of our lives. Before you move on take a moment to being thankful for your life. If you are reading this you are one of the lucky ones.

A growing list of ways to get more out of life:

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Learn a language
  3. Travel to a new country every year
  4. Create your own bucket list
  5. Volunteer your time for a worthy cause
  6. Write a memoir
  7. Learn a musical instrument
  8. Apprentice yourself to a master artisan
  9. Maintain a journal
  10. Connect with a group of new people
  11. Read a book each week
  12. Take a short course in an area that intrigues you
  13. Join a sports team
  14. Take up chess
  15. Write and publish a song
  16. Grow your own food
  17. Send a letter of thanks to someone your admire
  18. Move to a new city
  19. Soak up the sun every day
  20. Start your day with gratitude
  21. Teach others what you know


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