How to boost your results in one quick move

It’s been my experience – both personally and as a coach – that we humans have our activity cycle back-to-front. The process by which we make the decisions that lead to action are tied up with our emotional state and belief structures. Let me explain.

The activity cycle has three steps:

  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Action

This is a cycle. In fact, it’s a feedback loop. It could be a negative or a positive loop depending on the results of the activity. And, of course, the step in the cycle that is either elevated or depressed is confidence. And, confidence is key.

The reason I say we are back-to-front is where we start in the cycle. We want to be clear on everything before we get started. This builds our confidence and then we take action. Me included.

The thing is while we want to go around the cycle from clarity to confidence to action, reality is not that simple.

Clarity comes after action. We cannot get clear on anything if we do nothing. So activity is required to produce clarity. Clarity never comes first.

Clarity comes after action. Confidence comes after clarity. Once we have taken action, gotten clear on the result of that action (and maybe repeated this a few times) the result is confidence. I’ll admit sometimes this takes a while. But confidence, like clarity, doesn’t just magically appear (at least not for most of us).

The key to boosting our results is simple: take action. The act of taking action will provide the data needed to make the next decision and take the next action. We all have to stop hyper-analysing everything to the point of paralysis, and get on with the doing.

As we take more action, we become clearer on the what, why and how of our activities, and that eventually leads to confidence.

Confidence feeds our future actions and the activity cycles starts to work for rather than against us.

In conclusion, take action. Now!

2 Replies to “How to boost your results in one quick move”

  1. Hear, hear Adam, yes it certainly is a trap to go down the path of “lets get all the details perfected before we do anything”, especially in this current age of fast and constant change.
    I’m fortunate I believe that I lean more the other way and have sometimes (or often) gone to action a little too early, this has, at times, resulted in some downside but it has also always resulted in a learning/improvement benefit.
    The end result is ALWAYS better than doing nothing at all ☺
    “Carpe Diem”

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