Questions and Clarity.

A little while back – how long exactly I’m not sure – I wrote myself a short, simple guide to less stress and more productivity. It took the form of a number of questions that I used to prompt myself to remember what is truly important so I could have more clarity.

Here’s the list in its entirety. Mostly unedited from the original. There’s some business stuff but it’s mostly bigger picture.

What’s important?

  • Life goals
  • Financial goals
  • Commitments
  • Must haves

What’s your passion?

  • Are you in the right field?
  • How can you help others?
  • Can you make money?
  • How can you do it better than others?

Who is your audience?

  • Who can you help?
  • Where can you find them?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • How can you attract them?

What is your message?

  • Why are you different to everyone else?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What are you saying?
  • What language are you using?
  • How are you communicating your message?

What is working right now?

  • How do you know it’s working?
  • Can you make it better?
  • Is it important?

What isn’t working right now?

  • How do you know it’s not working?
  • Can you fix it?
  • Is it important?

What do you like doing?

  • Which business tasks do you enjoy?
  • Which tasks are you good at?
  • Which tasks benefit the business?
  • What do you like doing outside of work?
  • What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?

What do you not like doing?

  • Which business tasks do you hate doing?
  • Why are you doing them?
  • Can someone else do these tasks?
  • Are you an expert is these areas?
  • Can you find an expert?

What is causing you stress?

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Which tasks do you avoid?
  • Is all your stress related to money?

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