On being responsible

Without doubt, the most important lesson that I have learned in recent memory is that I am responsible for what happens in my life. That means you are responsible for your life too.

We all need to start taking more responsibility. This extends past being responsible for our actions, it’s also about being responsible for our thoughts and feelings. And it’s also about grasping the truth that we are the cause of our own suffering more than any external factor.

I used to walk around thinking that the world had it in for me. That the cards were always against me. That there was some trick that I didn’t know, some key that would unlock the mystery of my own suffering.

The world is not hostile, it is ambivalent. Mother Nature, the economy, the government et al… it’s not that they have it in for us, it’s just they they really don’t care for us either. We are the ones that care too much. We think there’s some conspiracy to make our lives tough.

I’m really not attempting to write a sermon here, so please stay with me.

I have found, of late, that taking the time to filter the world through a lens of personal responsibility is leading to some great outcomes. Let me give you a quick example: if I couldn’t locate┬ámy keys, my historic reaction was to curse everyone under the sun for moving my keys. This never helped me actually find them. And often saw me finally get into the car all wound up. These days, I stop myself and think, “where did I leave my keys?” Boom! I am empowered. The responsibility is mine. That’s where the keys are. The world is a wonderful place.

You and I each get multiple opportunities each day to take responsibility for our lives. When we do so we take the power back. We give ourselves the authority to grow, to learn, and to get shit done. That’s powerful stuff right there.