Five awesome ways to relieve stress. You’ll love #4!

You’re human. You’re going to get stressed. Stress happens. You have to accept that if you don’t plan on going stir crazy. The cool news is you can relieve stress in some pretty cool ways. In fact, the five stress relievers introduced below not only reduce stress, they make you feel good. Backed by a bit of science and a fair amounts personal research, here they are…

1. Get outdoors

Most folks are trapped indoors in a job or situation that has them in the same space day in and day out. This is not healthy. Think about it. Where is the air fresher? Where is the sunshine? Where is the room to move. Our bodies crave and need fresh air, sunshine and interaction with the greater environment.

Vitamin D, full spectrum light, clean air…it’s all good for you. If you’re stuck inside all day your body misses out on some of the stuff it needs. So, get outdoors, move about and enjoy yourself.

2. Play

Children know of the importance of play. They play all day. They laugh. They run around. Adults aren’t so savvy. We focus on work. We forget about letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves.

You can find time for play. Perhaps you should schedule it into your day.

“Play It Away” by Charlie Hoehn is a great read. Grab a free copy (just click the link), read, and play it away.

3. Meditate

Your mind takes a hammering if you work all day and don’t get any down time. There’s a lot of distractions and noise going on in the world. A lot of it is inside your head. If you don’t give your brain some downtime you are sure to feel stressed.

Removing the majority of sensory inputs and quieting our mind will help you relax. Meditation is a proven way of calming your mind, and reducing the internal chatter.

Guided mindfulness meditations – like this one from Sam Harris – are a great place to start.

4. Have sex

Get between the sheets. Rub up against someone. Get your rocks off. No secrets here. Sex is good for you. No need to feel strange about it.

Sex releases some fairly potent chemicals within your system, like Oxytocin which helps with healing and counteracts stress. You get the idea. Let’s not get too sciency and ruin the fun. Sex relieves tension and makes you feel good. Make sure you’re getting enough.

5. Exercise

If you don’t get enough exercise from tip #4 then other modes of exercise are great for stress relief too. Lift weights, go for a run, play a sport, take up martial arts or yoga. I’m normally fairly prescriptive about what exercise I recommend but for the purposes of stress relief, just get moving. Your body releases some cool chemicals when you get moving. Your joints and muscles will be happier too especially if you sit at a desk all day.


Take control of your life. Find time for the activities that you know will make you feel better. It’s not being selfish, you’ll actually be more productive and more fun to be around when you’re more relaxed and happier.