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wholeheartedness is how you get what you want from your life.

Life is all about choices. The choices you make determine the actions you take. The actions you take determine the outcomes you enjoy.

Choosing wholeheartedness is choosing to go all in. It’s a commitment to yourself. A commitment to be the best that you can be. Without self-judgement or guilt.

It’s a commitment to be kind to yourself, to leave no stone unturned in your journey to live your best life possible.

You’re invited to join the wholehearted movement. To be the best you can be.

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If you need help right now with challenging thoughts and feelings, you can make an appointment to see me via Wholehearted Hypnosis (you can contact me there too). I use a combination of hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, ACT, and more. Fear not, hypnosis is safe and effective.

If therapy is not for you, then pop me an email and we can talk about how coaching might be a better fit.

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Starting in the coming days, I’ll be releasing a whole lot of fresh content to help you get wholehearted. I’ve got a lot going on. Stoked!

These goodies are in the works:

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about adam

My name is Adam Stanecki. For over 25 years, I’ve been investigating how to live the best life possible. I’ve dove a whole lot of stuff. And I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Some of this stuff will work for you. Some won’t. No bullshit. No false promises.